When a person already has a problem or a specific question is the best approach.  If the question is in referent to a person, a picture of the person is recommended but not necessary.

Psychic Reading

A channeling process in which Mr. Cantu is in attunement with the person's vibrations which in turn allows him to give out information from the spiritual realm.


Trance Reading

A process that channels a spiritual being and it allows Mr. Cantu to give information according to the client vibrations and/or state of being in the clients spirit.


Card Reading (Not Tarot)

Reading with Napales card deck. Present and Future or Past, Present, and Future readings available.


Water Reading

A water reading is used for health reasons. It is a scan of the body for imperfections.  This reading will reveal health issues regarding your physical health and Mr. Cantu will provide recommendations.


Dream Interpretation

When a person has recurring dream and  can't understand the meaning.



A reading by touching inanimate objects associated with an event or person that reveals the history and facts of the object.




Cultural Cleansing

This cleansing is done with Rue or roses, lemon, egg, a lit candle, oils, perfume and sprays according to the need.  In some cases, incense might be used.


Susto/Fright or Sudden Shock

Performed three days in a row. (Wed, Thurs, Fri)

Usually after an auto accident, or a very frightening experience, people will have insomnia, cannot eat properly, or in a daze, feeling "out-of-it."  A spiritual prayerful ceremony/holistic healing that will allow the person to heal.


Mal Ojo/Evil Eye Removal

Extreme headaches with some nausea - NOT an Evil Act placed upon you on purpose, but that which has been caused by a desire or temptation.  When a person likes something about you and they leave your area with that desire to touch you.  Holistic healing that removes this type of sickness.


Fallen Funnel

A baby ailment, the child cries with pain, may not want to eat or suck his/her bottle.  They have a tummy problem and has the top of their head (soft area-Funnel) dropped or sunken-in.  Holistic healing that takes approximately 10 minutes.


Bone Setting Healing

Simple and Complex holistic healings of the back, waist, muscles, etc.