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Austin, TX 78704

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Cantu's Mexican Heiberia & Imports


Long before doctors in lab coats started writing prescriptions -in fact, even before human beings started writing at all - herbs were being used as medicine.  Herbal medicine has prehistoric origins and it continues today in virtually every culture in the world.


The front of our store is dedicated to the mysticism of spiritual candles, religious statues, herbs for spiritual or holistic use, oils, perfumes, and soaps.  There are also traditional Mexican items such as authentic blankets, dresses, jewelry, hats and so much more.  It is a charming, mystical, and alluring little shop with so much to see and buy.  Come on in for a taste of Mexico!


Lee Cantu's Spiritual Healing Center


Energy healing, aura cleansing, chakra healing and balancing, energy clearing, intuitive healing, and spiritual healing...All of these terms describe the process of bringing a more balanced and harmonious flow of vital energy through the Aura, the human energy field, and helping to create more balanced and synchronous function within this field.


Lee Cantu is a Curandero, or Spiritual Healer, whose gift has been tested and verified at the highest levels by the Mayo Clinic.  His psychic abilities are a blessing from God and He uses his gift to heal others whether that ailment is physical, mental, or spiritual.  The healing center is in the back of the shop and while it is ideal for his clients to make appointments, he does welcome walk-ins.











Healing Services